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Faculty of Education

Dr. Yotam Hod, Head of the Educational Technologies Graduate Program

Faculty of Humanities

Dr. Emma Maayan-Fanar Head, Department of Art History

Faculty of Humanities

Prof. Yuval Ben-Bassat, Head, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Dr. Shani Stern, Head Laboratory for Precision Disease Modeling

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Prof. Fuad Fares, Head Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences

Prof. Efrat Dagan, Director The Cheryl Spencer Institute of Nursing Research (CSINR)

Haifa Innovation Labs

Prof. Ofer Arazy, Head

Haifa Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center

Mr. Ehud Gonen

Hecht Museum

Dr. Eran Arie, Museum Director and Curator

Institute of Evolution ‎‏‏

Prof. Assaf Distelfeld, Director

The Herta and Paul Amir Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Moran Zaga, research fellow, Chaikin Chair for Geostrategy

The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Science

Dr. Tali Treibitz, Senior Lecturer and Head Viseaon Marine Imaging Lab

Faculty of Law

Dr. Rabee Assy, Head Master's Program in Administrative and Private Law

Faculty of Law

Dr. Sagit Mor, Head of the International Center for Health Law and Ethics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Prof. Doron Chelouche, Haifa Center for Theoretical Physics & Astrophysics

Office of the Dean of Students

Dr. Yael Granot-Bein, Creating opportunities for impactful social activism

The Herta and Paul Amir Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. Ori Davidov, Chair of the Department of Statistics